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Moms Camera Class One


To REGISTER for a class, please go to my online form here. We will send you an invoice to hold your spot. If you are using a Living Social coupon, please have your coupon number ready.

{ yes, dads are welcome to attend! }

So what is included in the Moms + Camera Class: The Basics?

A little bit of technical:





White balance….and more!

and a whole lot of tips and tricks:

-how to capture THE moment

-how to shoot in “living room” light

-best angle to shoot at for the most flattering pics

-posing basics

-Rebekah’ FAVORITE TIP on capturing those genuine moments you will love and treasure forever

In addition, you are eligible to join a private FB group that serves as a forum for class attendees! Ask questions, post pics and get firect feedback! We also have fun giveaways to help you be a better equipped mamarazzi, an awesome slide show example of before and after shots, and awesome take home workbook complete with a list of online resources for moms + cameras tips and places Rebekah recommends to print up all your beautiful images!

Rebekah Tozer

When and where is the class located?
Class times are listed below. You will receive an email with the LOCATION of your class.  Dates and locations are subject to change with a 1-2 week notice*. If a class has less than four people registered, it may be rescheduled to be combined with another class date. *Should you be registered for a class and that class date or location changes, you will be notified via email and all accommodations possible will be made to help you find a class that fits your schedule.

Jan 11th Sat 1- 4 pm Full

Jan 20th Mon 6-9pm Full

Jan 25th 1-4pm Full

Feb 23rd  Sun 1-4pm FULL!

Mar 8  Sat 1-4pm

Mar 16  Sun 1-4pm

Mar 29  Sat 1-4pm

Apr 13  Sun 1-4pm

Apr 19  Sat  1-4pm

Apr 27 Sun 1-4pm

June 21st 1-4pm

July 19 1- 4pm

August 2 1-4pm

At this time there are no scheduled Moms +Camera classes scheduled for the remainder of the 2014 year!


Rebekah Tozer

What kind of camera do I need to have to take the class?
Well, any DSLR will work just fine. You CAN take the class with a point-and-shoot camera, however you will probably not get quite as much out of the “technical” part of the class due to limited user controls on point-and-shoots. Rebekah shoots with a digital SLR, so that is what she is most able to assist others in learning. During the “getting the shot” part of the class, it won’t matter what type of camera you have because it will all be about capturing the moment, framing the shot, ect. Feel free to email Rebekah with any questions about this at

Rebekah Tozer

Can dads attend the class or is it just for moms?

Dads (gramma’s and grandpa’s, ect) are more than welcome to attend the class, although be warned, you just may be outnumbered!

How do I sign up for the class?
To REGISTER for a class, please go to my online form. We will send you an invoice  to hold your spot. If you are using a Living Social coupon, please have your coupon number ready.

Rebekah Tozer

Are there and other classes to take after The Basics?
I am so glad you asked! We are actually in the process of planning two additional classes for Moms-with-Cameras! Moms + Camera Class II – Hands On will include a real life set up of different environments you as moms would find yourself in that you would want to be able to capture those moments! Think “a morning in the playroom”, or “first birthday party” or “every night bathtime”…..this will be a hands on shooting class!

The third class will be a Moms + Camera Class III – Basic Edits Workshop. This class is perfect for those moms who want to learn a few basic photoshop edits they can use to take their mommy pics to the next level! Make colors pop, sharpen details and format for sharing online! This will be a …..bring your laptop class!

Rebekah Tozer